Pediatric Dentistry

Children’s dentistry that’s anything but scary

^EBE76BF43FA6EAAE99B6CFB83DF589CA57BE62FAF43060E75B^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrAt Granbury Dental Center, we can’t stress enough the importance of instilling good oral health habits from an early age. We also understand the hesitation, anxiety, even the fear that some patients experience when it comes to dentistry. With so many adults suffering from dental anxiety, it’s no wonder that Granbury kids might have their own reservations. Never fear, at Granbury Dental Center, our team is gentle, compassionate, and well-versed in making our youngest patients feel right at home.

Baby’s first visit

First, we want to clear up any confusion as to when you should bring your child in for their first dental check-up. Some sources say age three, but the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry agrees we should see them within six months of their first tooth erupting, which usually occurs around six months of age. So realistically, you should schedule their first dental visit around their first birthday. This will ensure their teeth are erupting properly, and we catch any potential problems before they develop.

We want to give you the tools and the education you need to keep your kids’ teeth clean and healthy until they are able to do so themselves. The habits and the values that children develop from an early age are likely to remain with them through the rest of their lives, so it’s best to establish a routine from the get-go for a lifetime of oral health.

Baby teeth & you

While scheduling your little bundle of joy for their first dental visit and regular visits afterward is extremely important, there is only so much your Granbury dentist can do for your baby’s oral health if you don’t properly care for their teeth at home. One dangerous myth surrounding baby teeth we would like to put to rest, right here and now, is that baby teeth don’t matter that much because they are temporary, and are going to fall out anyways. This could not be farther from the truth.

The fact of the matter is, baby teeth set the stage for permanent teeth to develop and erupt properly. If baby teeth are not cared for, chances are high that the permanent teeth that follow will be problematic as well. To ensure your baby’s teeth are clean and healthy, use a small, soft-bristle toothbrush (they make special tooth brushes just for babies) and gently clean your baby’s teeth once per day before bedtime. Establishing healthy eating habits at an early age is also an important part of oral health. Try to avoid foods and beverages that contain high amounts of sugar or are highly acidic. Tooth decay loves sugar and acid, so minimizing these is your first line of defense.

At Granbury Dental Center, we love seeing children; they are some of our favorite patients. Not just because they’re adorable, but because they give us the opportunity for education to instill good oral healthcare values that will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions about pediatric dentistry, or would like to schedule an appointment with your Granbury dentist, Dr. Knight at Granbury Dental Center, please contact our office today at (817) 573-3761. We will make sure your little one has a positive first dental experience for a lifetime of oral health.