Dentures are removable orthodontic appliances that can greatly improve the quality of your life. For some residents in the Dallas and Fort Worth area with little or no remaining teeth, eating and speaking can be very difficult. Having no teeth to chew properly severely limits your diet and will almost definitely affect your overall health. In addition, communication is not easy without teeth to form many of the sounds we use in normal speech. On top of that, muscles in the face begin to sag without support from the teeth, giving your face a “sunken in” look.

Dentures can return your life to normalcy by taking the place of your missing teeth. They are nearly identical in appearance and function to natural teeth and can make a huge difference in your dental health, appearance, and everyday life. If you are missing teeth, contact Granbury Dental Center today, and Dr. Baird, Dr. Buske, or Dr. Knight will help find the right treatment for you.