Reconstructive Dentistry

Br. Baird, Dr. Buske and Dr. Klassen offer restorative dentistry services to help repair teeth that have been damaged, are decaying or decayed, or replace missing teeth. It is important to both your oral and overall health to see that these issues are fixed in a timely manner.

Many of the restorative services offered at Granbury Dental Center have the added bonus of making your smile look better in addition to helping your mouth return to full function. Drs. Baird, Buske and Klassen use only tooth colored materials for your restorations, so they look just like your natural teeth. Patients come to their Granbury dentist office from all over Texas to get a natural looking and well placed restoration.

Call Granbury Dental Center today to schedule a consultation with our dentists, Dr. Baird, Dr. Buske, and Dr. Klassen.